Speakers Bureau / Committees

Speaker’s  Bureau

The Simon Kenton Chapter is a Kentucky Society, Northern Kentucky located, non-political organization, that serves the community with a variety of patriotic, educational and historic themed speakers. The majority of our members (Compatriots) are avid historians who also have  a strong interest in genealogical research. The programs and speakers listed below can be scheduled for school, organization and community events:  (the National By-Laws prohibit members from endorsing, contributing or participating in any political campaigns /agendas)

1st and 2nd Grades U.S. Constitution Program…..

Jenny McClurg (DAR), Jesse Moore, Tom Geimeier

4th and 5th Grades U.S. Historical Documents …..

Jenny McClurg, Jesse Moore, Tom Geimeier,

Elementary Americanism Poster Contest (3, 4, &5)…..

Pat Berry

Middle School Brochure Contest …..

Pat Berry

Grades 8-12  Revolutionary War / Colonial Exhibits Program …..

Contact the Simon Kenton Chapter (4-6 weeks planning required)

The Revolutionary War …..

Simon Kenton Chapter Compatriots

High School U.S. History Oration & Essay Contests …..

Tom Geimeier, Jim Hough, Pat Berry

The War of 1812 …..

Ruth Korzenborn

WW II Battles, Heroes & Outcomes …..

Ray Hughes, Terry Collis

Music of the Revolutionary Period …..

Don & Esther Drewry

Genealogy Forums & Workshops …..

Harvey Hampton, George S McCain, Ruth Korzenborn

Genealogical Research ….. (fee charged)

Various members with National & International experience

Early American Historic Flag Collection …..

Jesse Moore

Patriots Day Program …..

Tom Geimeier, Jeff Hampton

Veterans Day Programs …..

Harry Geimeier, Ray Hughes, Charlie Hampton

Missing Man Table …..

Charlie Hampton

Presidents’ Day Programs …..

Simon Kenton Chapter Compatriots

First Families of Kentucky …..

George S McCain

Jamestowne Society…..

Harvey Hampton, Terry Collis

Mayflower Society …..

Harvey Hampton

Sons of the Union & Sons of the Confederacy …..

Jeff Hampton, Jim Kiger

Simon Kenton

Ray Hughes

Historic Character Portrayals …..

Don & Esther Drewry